WEA-PAC recommends pro-education candidates for 2014

WEA-PAC recommends state and local candidates based on face-to-face interviews and their responses to the WEA-PAC candidate questionnaire.

The general election is Nov. 4. Local WEA-PAC members are still working on legislative candidate recommendations. Stay tuned — more candidates will be recommended in the coming months. Here is a list of the current WEA-PAC-recommended candidates for state office:

Legislative Races

Rep. Stonier is a teacher and WEA-PAC recommended candidate

Rep. Stonier is a teacher and WEA-PAC recommended candidate

(Find your legislative district here.)

Derek Stanford, D, 1st LD, House Pos. 1

Luis Moscoso, D, 1st LD, House Pos. 2

Marcus Riccelli, D, 3rd LD, House Pos. 1

Essie Hicks, D, 5th LD, House Pos. 1

Rich Cowan, D, 6th LD, Senate

Brian Dansel, R, 7th LD, Senate

David Hayes, R, 10th LD, House Pos. 2

Zach Hudgins, D, 11th LD, House Pos. 1

Steve Bergquist, D, 11th LD, House Pos. 2

Monica Stonier, D, 17th LD, House Pos. 1

Paul Harris, R, 17th LD, House Pos. 2

Maureen Winningham, D, 18th LD, House Pos. 1

Mike Briggs, D, 18th LD, House Pos. 2

Brian Blake, D, 19th LD, House Pos. 2

Marko Liias, D, 21st LD, Senate

Lillian Ortiz-Self, D, 21st LD, House Pos. 2

Sam Hunt, D, 22nd LD, House Pos. 2

Chris Reykdal, D, 22nd LD, House Pos. 1

Sherry Appleton, D, 23rd LD, House Pos. 1

Drew Hansen, D, 23rd LD, House Pos. 2

Steve Tharinger, D, 24th LD, House Pos. 2

Kevin Van De Wege, D, 24th LD, House Pos. 1

Dawn Morrell, D, 25th LD, House Pos. 1

Hans Zeiger, R, 25th LD, House Pos. 2

Nathan Schlicher, 26th LD, House Pos. 1

Larry Seaquist, D, 26th LD, House Pos. 2

Judy Arbogast, D, 26th LD, Senate

Tami Green, D, 28th LD, Senate

Christine Kilduff, D, 28th LD, House Pos. 2

Linda Kochmar, R, 30th LD, House Pos. 1

Roger Freeman, D, 30th LD, House Pos. 2

Shari Song, D, 30th LD, Senate

Chris Hurst, D, 31st LD, House Pos. 2

Maralyn Chase, D, 32nd LD, Senate

Ruth Kagi, D, 32nd LD, House Pos. 2

Cindy Ryu, D, 32nd LD, House Pos. 1

Karen Keiser, D, 33rd LD, Senate

Tina Orwall, D, 33rd LD, House Pos. 1

Mia Gregorson, D, 33rd LD, House Pos. 2

Sharon Nelson, D, 34th LD, Senate

Joe Fitzgibbon, D, 34th LD, House Pos. 2

Kathy Haigh, D, 35th LD, House Pos. 1

Irene Bowling, D, 35th LD, Senate

Jeanne Kohl-Welles, 36th LD, Senate

Gael Tarleton, 36th LD, House Pos. 1

Pramila Jayapal, D, 37th LD, Senate

June Robinson, D, 38th LD, House Pos. 1

Mike Sells, D, 38th LD, House Pos. 2

John McCoy, D, 38th LD, Senate

Charles Jensen, D, 39th LD, House Pos. 2

Seth Fleetwood, D, 42nd LD, Senate

Brady Walkinshaw, D, 43rd LD, House Pos. 1

Frank Chopp, D, 43rd LD, House Pos. 2

Jamie Pederson, D, 43rd LD, Senate

Hans Dunshee, D, 44th LD, House Pos. 1

Mike Wilson, D, 44th LD, House Pos. 2

Matt Isenhower, D, 45th LD, Senate

Roger Goodman, D, 45th LD, House Pos. 1

David Frockt, D, 46th LD, Senate

Gerry Pollett, D, 46th LD, House Pos. 1

Jessyn Farrell, D, 46th LD, House Pos. 2

Chris Barringer, D, 47th LD, House Pos. 1

Pat Sullivan, D, 47th LD, House Pos. 2

Cyrus Habib, D, 48th LD, Senate

Ross Hunter, D, 48th LD, House 1

Joan McBride, D, 48th LD, House Pos. 2

Jim Moeller, D, 49th LD, House Pos. 2

Sharon Wylie, D, 49th LD, House Pos. 1

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Pos. 1 Justice Mary Yu

Supreme Court Pos. 3 Justice Mary Fairhurst

Supreme Court Pos. 4 Justice Charles Johnson

Supreme Court Pos. 7 Justice Debra Stephens


WEA-PAC recommends Everett teacher

WEA-PAC Board Managers unanimously recommended Everett teacher Mike Wilson for an open House seat in the 44th Legislative District in Snohomish County.

Mike Wilson

Everett teacher and WEA member Mike Wilson

Wilson participated in the WEA-PAC interview with 20 WEA members.

“Simply put, education is the key to finding solutions to student needs,” said Wilson. “Give the best possible training to your teachers, you will have the best teachers.”

Wilson, a Democrat, teaches government and politics at Cascade High School in Everett. He is a National Board teacher and adjunct faculty member at Bellevue College and Everett Community College.

“I teach students every day that democracy means you have to participate,” he said. “…I’m ready to step up and do what’s best for our students and our community.”

You can stay up to date on what’s happening in Olympia and in the upcoming election by texting OurVoice to 41411. Check out Mike Wilson 2014 for more information about the campaign and what you can do to help get this teacher to Olympia.

Every education decision is a political decision

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith

WEA-PAC has over 32,000 members across the state. Evergreen Education Association member and WEA-PAC Board member Wendy Smith explains why she is a WEA-PAC member:

“I belong to WEA-PAC because as a public school teacher, nearly every aspect of my job is touched by politics. Too often, teachers want to just shut the classroom door and focus on our students. But hiding behind our classroom doors is the same as burying our heads in the sand. My colleagues complain about the decisions and actions of the state legislature, but very few do anything in response.Few teachers see themselves as “political” but they do care and they and their students are affected. WEA-PAC is a cheap and easy way to give our “non-political” members a voice, and a way for them to have influence on the decisions that so greatly impact our classrooms.”

WEA-PAC membership is just one way to stay engaged 

WEA-PAC supports pro-public education candidates like Everett teacher Mike Wilson. Members in K-12 schools, regardless of their specific job can authorize a payroll deduction here.

If you are a member in the community or technical college, retiree, student or staff, you can join or make a one-time contribution here.

The people we elect are part of the decision making regarding education proposals.

You can follow their actions and antics on the OurVoice blog page, or by signing up to receive the blog posts and action alerts on the same page.


WEA-PAC moves into the 21st century!

You can now contribute to WEA-PAC online using a secure donation page!

Our health care, collective bargaining and full funding for public schools are all up for debate in the 2014 legislative session. Investing in great WEA-PAC candidates this election just makes sense!

If you are already a WEA-PAC member you can click here to contribute.


WEA-PAC membership still climbing!

Great news!

WEA-PAC membership is at its highest since the loss of payroll deduction.

The number one reason members give for not joining WEA-PAC? They were never asked!

Can you ask a colleague to join today? A WEA-PAC and NEA-FCPE form is quick and easy to fill out. Forms are available from your association building representative, your local association office or available below to print.

Download and and print the WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC. Return it to your union building rep or mail it to: WEA-PAC, PO Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100.

If you have questions, please e-mail WEA-PAC Coordinator Simone Boe at sboe@washingtonea.org or call 253-765-7100.