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Send Sen. Steve Hobbs an SB 5242 message this Saturday

Steve Hobbs is ignoring his duty.

Why is Sen. Steve Hobbs is ignoring his duty to our children?

Instead of funding our K-12 public schools and reducing class sizes, the state Senate recently passed Senate Bill 5242. SB 5242 is an attack on teacher job security, basic fairness and collective bargaining.

Listen to WEA President Mary Lindquist’s auto call to voters in Hobbs’ district.

It allows school districts to fire teachers without any kind of fair or objective process and regardless of their job performance or experience. Administrators would be allowed to transfer a teacher for any reason, and if no other principals wanted that teacher at their schools, that teacher would lose her job. Qualifications, experience and evaluations would no longer matter in staffing decisions. SB 5242 tramples local decision making and forces every school district to follow the same staffing policy.

And SB 5242 has nothing to do with increasing K-12 funding or reducing class sizes, which is what our students really need.

Sen. Steve Hobbs from Lake Stevens is a Democrat who says he supports public schools. But instead of reducing class sizes, Hobbs voted for SB 5242.

“We need to let Sen. Hobbs’ constituents know that he is failing to fulfill the state’s paramount duty to our kids — fully funding K-12 education,” said Kelly Snow, president of the Lake Steven Education Association.

On Saturday, more than 100 educators from around Puget Sound will be doorbelling in Sen. Hobbs’ neighborhood, talking to voters about his failure to reduce overcrowded class sizes or increase K-12 funding.
Educators are meeting at 10 a.m. at Lake Stevens High School, 2908 113th Ave. NE, in Lake Stevens. All WEA members and their families are invited. Email us and let us know you’ll be there.

SB 5242 is now in the House Education Committee and is scheduled for a hearing March 29. A dozen WEA members from the Olympic Peninsula lobbied their legislators in Olympia Thursday, and SB 5242 was a hot topic.

“We heard 5242 is the top priority education bill for some senators,” said Christine Fraser, North Kitsap Education Association president.

WEA members from Olympic lobbied against SB 5242 Thursday.

WEA members from Bremerton lobbied against SB 5242 Thursday.

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