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Senate education chairman focuses on the wrong thing for our kids

Watch these videos featuring WEA members! The Supreme Court is holding the Legislature in contempt over school funding. Voters have passed laws requiring smaller K-12 class sizes and higher educator pay. The economy is improving. Clearly, now is the time for the state Legislature to step up and fully fund our public schools. So whatContinue Reading

Legislature debates education bills

Evaluation Update Here’s TVW coverage of Sen. Steve Litzow’s bills that mandate using student test scores in teacher evaluations. Several teachers testified in opposition and urged the Senate to focus on fully funding K-12 public schools. Tuition for ESPs Olympia paraprofessional and WEA Board member Kathie Axtell testified in support of a House Bill 1592,Continue Reading

Stop Sen. Litzow’s anti-teacher campaign

Sen. Mark Mullet and Sen. Steve Litzow, the chairman of the state Senate education committee, are sponsoring legislation that mandates the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations. Sen. Litzow is also pushing another anti-teacher bill that would base teacher layoffs on principal evaluations – and allow principals to essentially fire teachers for anyContinue Reading

Students, teachers testify to support bill delinking tests and graduation

Maribel Vilchez, a second-grade teacher at Lydia Hawk Elementary School in Lacey. Students and teachers testified this week in support of a bill that eliminates high-stakes tests as a graduation requirement. Known as the “delink” legislation, House Bill 1363 is sponsored by Rep. Sam Hunt. “Instead of helping my students reach their full potential, I spend tooContinue Reading

WEA members say it’s time to make public education the priority

This WEA video explains why educators are fighting for professional compensation beyond a COLA and full funding for I-1351.Continue Reading

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