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It’s TIME radio ads emphasize It’s TIME to fully fund Washington’s public schools

A new ad featuring Tacoma kindergarten teacher Angel Morton began airing on radio stations across Washington this week. The theme: It’s TIME for the Legislature to fully fund our public schools. Professional, competitive pay and benefits are a top priority for WEA members this year, in addition to funding smaller K-12 class sizes as requiredContinue Reading

Teachers say Litzow’s legislation is ‘misguided, short-sighted, unfair and ultimately damaging’

Sen. Steve Litzow, the prime sponsor of the bill to mandate the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations, is hosting a town hall meeting Saturday. It’s a good chance for educators to tell Sen. Steve Litzow what they think about the legislation, Senate Bill 5748.  Attend and tell Sen Litzow why tying testContinue Reading

Senate Democrats pass bill to link test scores to teacher evaluations

With the support of seven Senate Democrats, the state Senate has approved legislation mandating the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations – a proposal WEA members staunchly oppose. Senate Bill 5748 mandates the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations – a policy that has no basis in research and doesn’t doContinue Reading

It’s TIME to take action!

It’s time for us to take action — and it’s time for the Legislature to fully fund our public schools! WEA members are organizing regional education town hall meetings with legislators this month, and on Saturday, April 25, we’re organizing a big education rally on the steps of the state capitol in Olympia. In the meantime,Continue Reading

Instead of funding K-12 schools, WA state Senate focuses on the wrong things

It’s TIME Facebook icons, postcards, car signs and stickers! It’s about halfway through the regular legislative session, and instead of fully funding education, members of the state Senate are focused on eliminating teacher job security, tying test scores to teacher evaluations and overturning Initiative 1351. That’s not all: They’re also backing bills that would divertContinue Reading

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