I-1351 gives WEA members hope for the future

Now that school is out in most school districts, WEA members are focused on collecting signatures for Initiative 1351 at street fairs, farmers markets and other community events. WEA member Karen Laase says public support for I-1351 gives her hope. It’s time to make a final push to guarantee I-1351 is on the fall ballot,Continue Reading

Help make I-1351 history!

The Fox-Bailey kids deserve smaller class sizes — as do ALL Washington public school students. I-1351 is a historic chance to reduce class sizes in our K-12 public schools — an investment in public schools that will benefit our state’s students for generations. Collecting the signatures we need to get I-1351 on the fall ballotContinue Reading

WEA President Kim Mead applauds Supreme Court’s latest McCleary order

The state Supreme Court has ordered state officials to explain why the state should not be held in contempt for violating Court orders related to the McCleary decision, which directed the state to fully fund basic education by 2018. Statement from Washington Education Association President Kim Mead, 6/12/14: “WEA members applaud the Supreme Court’s leadership and willingness toContinue Reading

5 reasons to collect I-1351 signatures at school graduations

It’s graduation time! Thousands of Washington public school students are graduating this month. While we’re proud of the Class of 2014, we’re not proud of the large class sizes they had to endure. Washington is 47th in the nation in class size, and our students deserve better. Now is the time to help reduce class sizesContinue Reading

Have an I-1351 petition? Don’t forget to turn it in!

The school year may be winding down, but our signature-gathering efforts are still going strong! As you prepare to clean out your classrooms and finish the grade reports in the coming weeks, also please be sure you to turn in your Initiative 1351 petition to your association building leader before you leave school for theContinue Reading