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Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget falls short, so now is the time to take action!

Compensation On Wednesday, WEA members from Puyallup, Bethel and Franklin Pierce traveled to Olympia to lobby for professional educator compensation. Their face-to-face meetings echoed testimony in Senate and House hearings about Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget plan. Bob Shafer, Karen Laase, Karen McNamara and Bill Bailey from Summit UniServ Council lobbied for educator professional compensation this weekContinue Reading

The need for professional compensation beyond a COLA

Over the last five years, the cost of health insurance has increased by double digits while the state contribution for health care has remained flat. That means most K-12 employees are paying more for health insurance, and in some cases, taking home less money. Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget makes things even worse – offering NOContinue Reading

Our best opportunity in a generation starts Monday, Jan. 12

On Monday, the 2015 Legislature starts in Olympia — and it’s our best opportunity in a generation to win increased funding for public education, including educator compensation and smaller class sizes.
Continue Reading

Now is the time to fully fund Washington’s public schools

Now is the time. Next week, the 2015 Legislature convenes in Olympia — and it’s our best chance to win increased funding for public education, including educator compensation and smaller class sizes. As educators, we are facing an opportunity that comes along once in a generation. For the first time, perhaps ever, we have a confluenceContinue Reading

Let’s get serious

Gov. Jay Inslee released details about his education budget Thursday, December 18. He unveiled new and more fair revenue sources  – a step in the right direction. Yet his overall budget falls far short of fully funding our kids’ education as required by the McCleary decision and I-1351. It doesn’t provide for competitive professional compensation forContinue Reading

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