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Senate Republicans attack our bargaining rights, TRI pay, class sizes

It’s outrageous, really. In an irresponsible, last-minute political ploy, Senate Republicans have introduced legislation that would limit our ability to negotiate TRI pay with our school districts – a direct attack on our collective bargaining rights. They also have a separate bill that overturns I-1351 and eliminates funding for smaller class sizes – in exchange forContinue Reading

Budget deadline looms; funding for class size and compensation still in play

Read Kim Mead’s testimony on compensation and class size. On Monday, the House Appropriations Committee is hearing bills on two of WEA’s top funding priorities: smaller class sizes and competitive, professional pay and benefits. HB 2266 would delay the implementation of smaller K-12 class sizes as required by I-1351. WEA opposes the bill. HB 1106 isContinue Reading

Same old song and dance in Olympia

The budget discussions between the Washington House and Senate are still going on – but at glacial speed. As this special session doesn’t end for another 10 days or so, there doesn’t seem to be a sense of urgency to reach an agreement this week. A deal could come at any time – but givenContinue Reading

New Senate bill would limit collective bargaining, freeze some pay

WEA members oppose Senate Bill 6130, which would limit collective bargaining, freeze some teachers’ pay and restrict local control of public schools. It also fails to achieve its purported purpose: increasing funding for K-12 public schools. Teachers testified against the bill Thursday in Olympia. It’s unclear how much support the bill has in the Senate andContinue Reading

Parents, educators take I-1351 class-size funding protests to the state capitol

Sen. Bruce Dammeier discusses school funding with a parent. Parents and teachers are gathering in Olympia at 13:51 (1:51 pm) each day this week to protest the Legislature’s refusal to fully fund the smaller K-12 class sizes mandated by Initiative 1351. On Wednesday, Laurie Miller helped stake out a prime spot between the House andContinue Reading

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