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Legislature convenes; now it’s time to fund our public schools

Today, Jan. 14, is the first day of the 105-day regular legislative session, which ends April 24.

Over the last four years, the global economic recession, combined with political attacks on the middle class, has taken a toll. Like everyone, we’ve sacrificed and we’ve felt the impact of budget cuts in our classrooms and on our families. But no matter what, we always put students first.

After $2.6 billion in school budget cuts and years of education reform, now is the time to stand up for our students, our families and our profession.

The Legislature must put children first and fund our public schools as required by the McCleary court decision and the state Constitution. Funding McCleary means reducing overcrowding in schools to improve student learning and expanding all-day kindergarten so all children get a solid start in school. It’s also time to start funding our colleges and universities so that once they graduate, they have the opportunity to get an affordable, high-quality higher education.

Read WEA’s entire legislative agenda.

Statistics you can use with co-workers and parents:

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