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It’s TIME to improve higher ed faculty salaries

We have a great opportunity to improve community and technical college faculty salaries. House Bill 1863 says local college funds may be used to pay for locally bargained salary increment increases, which is currently not the case.

The presidents of WEA, AFT Washington and the Washington State Labor Council recently sent a letter to college trustees who support labor, urging them to support the bill. It reads, in part,  “… our faculty have now gone for six years with not only no COLA but also with no increments. This is unacceptable, and we have come to the end of compromising and getting nothing for our members.” 

Community and technical college faculty members are the only public employees in our state who negotiate local pay increases but do not get them funded unless the state pays for them – which doesn’t happen very often. This is unfair, and we can change it if we take action.

HB 1863 has passed the House and is now in the Senate. We need Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Chairman Sen. Michael Baumgartner to schedule the bill for a hearing. More than 200 educators called the senator’s office March 24 and asked him to schedule the bill.

HB 1863 is our best chance in a long time to improve faculty salaries.

It’s TIME for college budget transparency

WEA supports House Bill 1893, which requires community and technical college administrations to publicize their budgets. WEA and AFT Washington recently sent this letter to key legislators calling on them to support both bargaining for increments and fiscal transparency.

According to the official bill report, HB 1893:

  • Requires each community and technical college district to post budgeted and non-budgeted revenues and anticipated expenditures for all non-state, non-appropriated funds to their websites within 30 days of adopting their annual college budgets.
  • Requires each community and technical college to post ending fund balances for all non-state, non-appropriated funds and accounts from the previous fiscal year on their websites each year within 30 days after fiscal closing.

United Faculty of Washington State

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