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Former Soundview ESP President on the benefits of unionization

Diane Formoso recently took the time to share her thoughts on union membership with other members of the Soundview UniServ.  Her letter shows the dramatic difference that joining WEA made in her career.  Here’s an excerpt from her letter:

“As a bus driver I know what it was like to work without a union and collective bargaining rights. When I first started driving, women were not allowed to drive a “big” bus. When it came to hiring, there were no rules. I had been a substitute driver for six months, when a regular job became available. However that job was given to a man who was a brand new hire and the reason given was that he had a family to support. Where would YOU be if seniority no longer existed? Would you be the favorite person who gets the extra hours or the job? Don’t think this could not happen to you! Without a union it can.”

To read her entire letter, click here.


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