Ballot Measures

WEA Board on the ballot measures: Approve R-74, Vote no on I-1185 and I-1240

 WEA member mailing on 1240 & 1185 #1 PDF

  WEA member mailing on 1240 & 1185 #2 PDF

Referendum 74 (marriage equality)
If Referendum 74 — marriage equality for same-sex couples — is on the November ballot, the Washington Education Association Board of Directors recommends “approve.”

WEA’s position on R-74 is consistent with the association’s support for equal civil rights and opposition to discrimination. At least two continuing resolutions approved by the WEA Representative Assembly oppose discrimination based on sexual orientation

Initiative 1185 (Eyman’s latest)

The WEA Board also recommends a “no” vote on Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1185, which restricts the Legislature’s ability to fully fund public education as required by the state Constitution. I-1185 would make it harder to raise revenue by requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to approve new taxes or close tax loopholes. WEA is a plaintiff in the legal challenge against Eyman’s I-1053, a similar measure that is currently in effect.



Initiative 1240 (charter schools)

The WEA Board opposes Initiative 1240, which would create a new system of publicly funded private charter schools. There are many reasons Washington voters have rejected charter schools three times: charters don’t work for most kids, they siphon money from our existing public schools and they have little accountability to taxpayers. Wealthy Seattle-area businesspeople are funding the campaign, which is relying on paid signature gatherers.