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Message to Congress: Less testing provides more time for students to learn

Email Sen. Patty Murray about testing

Educators know promoting a love of learning is more important than a test score. We also know focusing too much on standardized tests takes valuable time away from student learning.

Sen. Patty Murray
Sen. Patty Murray needs to hear from you about student testing.

So here’s some good news: Congress is poised to finally update the controversial and flawed No Child Left Behind Act, also known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). It’s the law that promotes over-testing students and punishing schools. Last fall, the law’s unrealistic testing requirements resulted in nearly every Washington school being labeled a “failure” by US Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Fortunately, Sen. Patty Murray, our senior US senator, is the lead Democratic senator working to update ESEA.

Sen. Murray needs to hear from you. Email her right now and urge her to help Congress get it right this time. By sharing your personal perspective with Sen. Murray, you can help shape the discussion in Washington, DC so the updated law actually helps our students and schools instead of punishing them.

Email or call her right away at 866-331-7233 – we need Congress to update ESEA and to get it right this time.

Even though Congress could update NCLB soon, Sen. Steve Litzow and other legislators here in Washington want to mandate the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations. It would be incredibly misguided and harmful for our state to make another major change in teacher evaluations when federal testing requirements could change dramatically in coming weeks.

Legislature debates education bills

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Our best opportunity in a generation starts Monday, Jan. 12

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Join an Initiative 1351 phone bank, vote in the WEA postcard design contest

From our experience as educators, we know students do better in school when they get personal, one-on-one attention from adults – which is why passing Initiative 1351 is crucial. Our class sizes rank 47th out of 50 states, and our kids simply can’t wait any longer for the smaller class sizes they deserve. Vote onContinue Reading

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