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Revenue for roads, but not kids? Legislators can still fund I-1351!

Email your lawmakers and urge them to increase revenue AND fund the smaller K-12 class sizes required by I-1351.

Earlier this week, legislators voted to raise taxes by nearly $12 billion to pay for roads — right after they passed an operating budget that cuts $2 billion in funding for smaller class sizes required by I-1351.

It’s not a done deal though – legislative efforts to amend I-1351 have failed so far, and the Legislature remains in special session.

That means we have a great opportunity in the next three days: Email your lawmakers and urge them to increase revenue AND fund the smaller K-12 class sizes required by I-1351.

If legislators were willing to raise taxes by nearly $12 billion to pay for asphalt and roads, surely they can find the revenue needed to fully fund the smaller class sizes our kids deserve. It’s still the law – and part of their obligation to fully fund basic education as required by the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision.

A tax on carbon pollution and on investment profits (capital gains) are two viable sources of new revenue to pay for education. A fairer business and occupation tax is another option.

Here is WEA’s state budget analysis

Read the Final 2015-17 State Budget Analysis prepared by WEA lobbyists. The overall adopted budget for the 2015-17 biennium is $38.2 billion. That represents a $4.4 billion increase in resources overall– or 13.1 percent above the 2013-15 enacted budget. The K-12 portion of the budget increased by $2.9 billion (up 19 percent) – and higherContinue Reading

Final state budget falls short on compensation, smaller class sizes

The state budget the Legislature approved Monday effectively cuts educator pay, increases class sizes for most students and fails to fully fund K-12 public schools as required by the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. “As educators, we are committed to the success of every single one of our students, regardless of their ZIP Code,” said Kim Mead, presidentContinue Reading

This just in – we have a state budget plan

Monday afternoon, the Legislature introduced a state budget plan. WEA lobbyists are reviewing the budget details, but here’s what we know about the budget as of 4 p.m. Monday. We’ll post a more detailed analysis as soon as possible: It includes the 3 percent COLA for K-12 educators as required by I-732, spread over two years,Continue Reading

Senate Republicans attack our bargaining rights, TRI pay, class sizes

It’s outrageous, really. In an irresponsible, last-minute political ploy, Senate Republicans have introduced legislation that would limit our ability to negotiate TRI pay with our school districts – a direct attack on our collective bargaining rights. They also have a separate bill that overturns I-1351 and eliminates funding for smaller class sizes – in exchange forContinue Reading

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