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Tell your friends: Yes on 1351 for smaller class sizes


Washington ranks 47th out of 50 states for class sizes. As educators, we know our kids deserve better and that is why we are passionate supporters of I-1351.

The class size initiative is such a good idea because of what it does – reduces average class sizes for all students and increases opportunities for kids to receive the one-on-one attention they need to succeed.

People “get” this. Common sense tells us that kids learn better when they have more time with and access to their teachers. But we can’t take people’s support for granted, and that is where we are asking for your help. As an educator, you are a highly respected member of your community, and can serve as a trusted ambassador for I-1351.

Your family, friends and neighbors will look to you for information and we encourage you to talk with them about why 1351 is so important for our students. Talk with them. Tell them why you support smaller classes. It’s important to get the word out now – the election is Nov. 4, and ballots begin arriving in just a few weeks.

Need help? Check out our new Yes on 1351 Materials site where you will find fliers, fact sheets and graphics you can use in your conversations with others. And while you are there, make sure to endorse the campaign. It’s a great way to build momentum and support for I-1351.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s a great day for Washington’s students. This morning, Class Size Counts delivered about 325,000 signatures to lower class sizes to the Secretary of State’s office. We expect the final count to approach 350,000 when CSC turns in a second and final batch on Thursday. With these numbers, I am more than confident that InitiativeContinue Reading

Put brakes on plan to pay for Transportation with General Fund dollars

Education is the state’s paramount duty and deserves the same urgent attention the Legislature is giving transportation. Today, the Senate Republicans announced their latest proposal for a new transportation revenue package, which includes a proposal to divert hundreds of millions of dollars from the general fund at the expense of public education and our students.Continue Reading

WEA supports SEA

Mary Lindquist, President of WEA, sent this message to SEA members today in support of the MAP boycott and rally being held this afternoon. On behalf of our 82,000 members, I congratulate you and your colleagues for bringing attention to the shortcomings of the MAP test as used by Seattle Public Schools. The boycott byContinue Reading

Vote – and Verify

Many counties in Washington allow you to check to see if you ballot has been received and your signature verified. It’s easy, from the Secretary of State’s website, you just enter in your name and birthdate. The page will forward you to your county elections office. From there follow the prompts to your online ballotContinue Reading

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