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Let’s get serious

Gov. Jay Inslee released details about his education budget Thursday, December 18. He unveiled new and more fair revenue sources  – a step in the right direction. Yet his overall budget falls far short of fully funding our kids’ education as required by the McCleary decision and I-1351. It doesn’t provide for competitive professional compensation for educators, and underfunds higher education.

“If we are serious about every child’s future, let’s get serious about doing what works – funding our schools so every child receives more one-on-one attention and has caring, committed and qualified educators in the classroom to support them,” said Kim Mead, WEA president.

Watch for more details after the holidays.



Governor’s budget falls short

Monday night, Gov. Jay Inslee released a preview of his education budget. He makes some much-needed progress on education funding, but his plan falls short of meeting the requirements of both the McCleary decision and I-1351. That is unacceptable. We urge you to tell the Governor and your legislators to fully fund smaller class sizes inContinue Reading

Fully Fund Education – Class sizes and Compensation

Click here to email Gov. Jay Inslee and your legislators! The state Constitution makes it clear: Fully funding public education is the state’s paramount duty. The Supreme Court, in its McCleary decision, has ruled Washington is failing to fulfill that paramount duty to our students, and the court is holding the state in contempt. InContinue Reading

Tell your friends: Yes on 1351 for smaller class sizes

  Washington ranks 47th out of 50 states for class sizes. As educators, we know our kids deserve better and that is why we are passionate supporters of I-1351. The class size initiative is such a good idea because of what it does – reduces average class sizes for all students and increases opportunities forContinue Reading

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s a great day for Washington’s students. This morning, Class Size Counts delivered about 325,000 signatures to lower class sizes to the Secretary of State’s office. We expect the final count to approach 350,000 when CSC turns in a second and final batch on Thursday. With these numbers, I am more than confident that InitiativeContinue Reading

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