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YES on I-1351 and smaller class sizes

We need your help to ensure that Initiative 1351 passes on Nov. 4. Together, we can succeed in this historic opportunity to help ALL Washington students by voting YES on I-1351 and reducing class sizes in Washington.

For information and materials about Initiative 1351, go here.

A lot of WEA members already have voted YES on I-1351 and returned their ballots. If you haven’t returnedMichele Miller 1351 your ballot, this weekend is the perfect time to do it. Make a plan to vote: You can find your own personalized WEA voters guide here, including a list and map of local places you can drop off your ballot. Or mail your ballot. Either way, do it soon – Election Day is Nov. 4, and ballots need to be returned by 8 pm.

I-1351 is good for kids:

• Washington’s class sizes are 47th out of 50 states, which means only three states have larger class sizes than Washington. This is unacceptable!
• Smaller class sizes really help struggling students get the attention they need, which is why I-1351 targets high-poverty schools for additional help.
• Small class sizes are also important in subjects like math and science, which help prepare students for good jobs in the global economy.

We also need your help to counter the misinformation being spread by opponents of I-1351. Talk to your family and friends to set the record straight. Here are some facts to counter false claims about I-1351.

• I-1351 does not raise property taxes
• I-1351 funds teachers, librarians, nurses, paras and other educators who work with students (not “bureaucrats”)
• I-1351 allows school districts flexibility if they don’t have enough space

This is urgent. Our children and students can’t wait. I-1351 is the only solution that will provide the smaller class sizes our kids need. Please encourage your friends and family to vote YES on I-1351.


Check out your personal voters guide!

Check out your personalized WEA voters guide! Who are the pro-education candidates endorsed by WEA members? Find out here, your very own personalized voters guide. Just type in your address, and you’ll get a complete list of the recommended candidates, including legislative, supreme court and congressional endorsements. To earn a recommendation from WEA’s political action committee, legislative

Poll shows strong support for I-1351; ballots arrive in the mail soon

Check out your personalized WEA voters guide! All across Washington, WEA members have been calling pro-education voters and urging them to vote YES on Initiative 1351, which reduces K-12 class sizes. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. “There are a lot of supportive voters who have heard about I-1351, and they agree it’s important for our children,”

New I-1351 TV ad features teacher

The Yes on I-1351 campaign has a new TV ad that features Desi Saylors, a North Thurston middle school science teacher and a mom of two kids in public schools. In the ad, Saylors emphasizes how smaller class sizes help teachers provide the individualized attention students need to succeed. Watch it here: Sign up for

Teachers say I-1351 is about making stronger connections with students

Richland teacher Brian Sites says he’ll be voting YES on I-1351 for smaller class sizes. In this short YouTube video, Sites explains how smaller class sizes help educators develop stronger relationships with their students. Ballots will be mailed this week. Download Facebook badges, postcards, stickers, posters and other I-1351 materials. And look in your mailbox for WEA’s special

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