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19 is better than 32: Why smaller class sizes benefit Washington’s kids

WEA members across the state are speaking out and explaining why smaller class sizes benefit students at every grade level.

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‘This is what’s best for students’

Watch the newest YouTube videos featuring WEA members urging legislators to do what’s best for students and fully fund public education! Deadline Friday is the deadline for policy bills (non-budget bills) to pass out of their original committees in the state Legislature. Click here to learn more about WEA legislative priorities, good bills and bad legislation. Attend anContinue Reading

Message to Congress: Less testing provides more time for students to learn

Email Sen. Patty Murray about testing Educators know promoting a love of learning is more important than a test score. We also know focusing too much on standardized tests takes valuable time away from student learning. Sen. Patty Murray needs to hear from you about student testing. So here’s some good news: Congress is poised toContinue Reading

‘Come spend a day in the classroom’

It’s crucial for our legislators to hear from us this year. They’re making decisions that will affect our profession, our students and our families for years to come – yet most of them are not educators. Sen. Steve Litzow, R- Mercer Island, wants to tie student test scores to teacher evaluations. “I want legislators toContinue Reading

Stop Sen. Litzow’s anti-teacher campaign

Sen. Mark Mullet and Sen. Steve Litzow, the chairman of the state Senate education committee, are sponsoring legislation that mandates the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations. Sen. Litzow is also pushing another anti-teacher bill that would base teacher layoffs on principal evaluations – and allow principals to essentially fire teachers for anyContinue Reading

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