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Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

The latest on SSB 6442


As the end of the 2012 legislative session approaches, WEA members are organizing across the state to oppose the health care takeover.  Members visiting with legislators here in Olympia are hearing that consideration of SSB 6442 is expected soon in the state Senate.

If you have not contacted your legislators about this bill, now is the time to take action!  Send them an email and share your story about how this bill will impact you.

WEA members are pulling together all over the state.  Our actions are having an impact.  Be sure to talk with your building rep about actions that are being planned in your area.

Time is short.  Make our voices heard now!

Teacher / Principal evaluation bill passes the House

Last night (Wednesday 2/29/12), E2SSB 5895, the latest legislative version of the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP), passed the House on a bipartisan vote.  Several Democratic and Republican legislators voted against the bill.  It now makes its way to the Governor’s desk for approval. As background, you will recall WEA fully supported a four-tiered evaluation systemContinue Reading

Spokane & WEA Eastern WA hold emergency meeting about SB 6442

Last night more than 120 WEA members representing 13 locals gathered in Spokane for an emergency meeting about the potential impact of SB 6442.  Today they will be sharing information with other members at their work sites about the legislature’s proposal to take over K-12 health care. Mike Boyer, Advocacy Specialist for WEA, has sharedContinue Reading

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