Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s a great day for Washington’s students. This morning, Class Size Counts delivered about 325,000 signatures to lower class sizes to the Secretary of State’s office. We expect the final count to approach 350,000 when CSC turns in a second and final batch on Thursday. With these numbers, I am more than confident that Initiative 1351 will qualify for the ballot and go to a vote of the people in November. When I was out gathering signatures, I heard from many people who were shocked to learn that Washington ranks 47th in the nation in class sizes. We can do better. The promise of Initiative 1351 is that we will do better. Our students deserve it. I want to thank those of you who worked so hard to collect signatures to put 1351 on the ballot. It is because of your commitment that we have achieved this milestone. Congratulations, and thank you. Stay tuned – we will keep you posted about events and progress as I-1351 moves into campaign mode. In the meantime, enjoy your summer. Kim Mead, WEA President

Mary Howes announces that Class Size Counts is submitting over 325,000 signatures.

Mary Howes and 30 kids turn in 325,000 petitions.

I-1351 deadline is here: Turn in your signature petition!

Turn in your I-1351 petitions ASAP! With a week to go, we need every signature for I-1351, the initiative to reduce class sizes. Don’t let them sit on your kitchen counter or car seat one more day. Turn them in. If you have a petition, and don’t know where to send it, mail it toContinue Reading

I-1351 gives WEA members hope for the future

Now that school is out in most school districts, WEA members are focused on collecting signatures for Initiative 1351 at street fairs, farmers markets and other community events. WEA member Karen Laase says public support for I-1351 gives her hope. It’s time to make a final push to guarantee I-1351 is on the fall ballot,Continue Reading

Help make I-1351 history!

The Fox-Bailey kids deserve smaller class sizes — as do ALL Washington public school students. I-1351 is a historic chance to reduce class sizes in our K-12 public schools — an investment in public schools that will benefit our state’s students for generations. Collecting the signatures we need to get I-1351 on the fall ballotContinue Reading

WEA President Kim Mead applauds Supreme Court’s latest McCleary order

The state Supreme Court has ordered state officials to explain why the state should not be held in contempt for violating Court orders related to the McCleary decision, which directed the state to fully fund basic education by 2018. Statement from Washington Education Association President Kim Mead, 6/12/14: “WEA members applaud the Supreme Court’s leadership and willingness toContinue Reading